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A Disease-Destined Mindset Almost Took His Life

Chris Carlton's Weight Loss and Journey to Wellness With A Raw Vegan Diet Today Chris Carlton is a posterman for healthy eating, but he had grown up believing he was destined for disease. In his first-hand account of his journey to wellness Chris says he grew up in a family where sickness was the norm. His father’s side of the family were mostly all overweight with a history of serious illness. His grandmother was known affectionately as “Big Mama.” According to Chris, “Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease and Obesity were just…

Plant-Based Sources of Essential MacroNutrients

Basic human nutrition is comprised of building blocks referred to as macronutrients and micronutrients. Macronutrients include the nutrients the human body requires in large amounts. Micronutrients include the nutrients the human body requires in relatively small amounts. The five basic macronutrients are sugar (aka carbohydrate), fat, protein, water, and fiber. These five ingredients make up the bulk of the food we consume and are each essential in varying amounts for healthy growth and body functioning. A lack of basic…
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