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RECIPE: Green Soda Bread

This easy recipe for Green Soda Bread is the perfect Irish-inspired food for your St. Patrick's Day celebration. Green Soda Bread is a simply delicious no-yeast bread that packs a nutritious dose of fresh green spinach. Soda bread is a

Does Heart Disease Run in the Family?

Just Wondering: Am I Destined for Heart Disease? When I was growing up I saw my grandfather and other family members suffering from heart disease and I wondered: does heart disease run in the family? My mother told me it did. High blood

RECIPE: Chocolate Raspberry Freeze

Chocolate Raspberry Freeze is a delicious frozen blended treat that's perfect for sharing with the ones you love. This Valentine's Day I'm treating my children and I to this nutritious drink which has become my new favorite indulgence.

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Oranges

Fresh oranges have amazing benefits for your health. Enjoy some oranges today! The nutritional and medicinal benefits of oranges have been recognized for centuries. Oranges are not only the most popular fruit consumed by Americans, their

RECIPE: Vegetable Soup

When it's cold outside it's hard to find a meal more satisfying than classic Vegetable Soup. There are countless ways to make this hearty and nutritious stew of plants, but in this post I'll share my basic recipe for easy, affordable, and