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Strawberry Nice-cream Recipe (Vegan, #WFPB)

This recipe for Strawberry Nice-cream is simple, sweet, nutritious and delicious. This pretty pink nice-cream features the sweet goodness of strawberries and bananas blended with vanilla coconut milk. You'll fall in love fast with this

RECIPE: Blueberry Nice-Cream (WFPB, Vegan)

Blueberry Nice-Cream: A Sweet 100% Plants Delight Blueberry Nice-Cream is an easy whole-food, plant-based recipe that makes a nutritious breakfast or delightful dessert. Nice-Cream is Nutritious, Delicious, & Nice to Your Body

The Health Benefits of Celery

Dear Healing With Plants, I'm curious about what you think about celery juicing? I did it last year for awhile and honestly felt great, but I would like to know if it has any health value, if there are any dangers, and if you should do it

RECIPE: Cancer Fighting Salad

A Cancer Fighting Salad a Day Kicks Cancer Far Far Away If you or someone you know is battling cancer, you may want to make this recipe for Cancer-Fighting Salad your new daily dinner (or lunch). This easy recipe contains the top foods

Heal Colon Cancer With Diet

Science Says a Healthy Diet Can Heal Colon Cancer Science says you can heal colon cancer with diet and a healthy lifestyle. The average person today has a 1 in 20 chance of developing colorectal cancer. The good news is that this cancer