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Grandmother of Nine Transforms Her Body, Heals Heart Disease with Raw Vegan Diet

Della Upshire is an inspirational grandmother of nine who changed her diet, healed her heart disease and arthritis, and transformed her body into a picture of youthful health. Before making the lifestyle changes that healed her body, Della suffered from multiple ailments that all had a common cause – years of eating the wrong sorts of foods. In 2002 Upshire underwent bypass surgery for her heart disease but it didn’t heal her heart. After the surgery she was still overweight and suffered high blood pressure, angina, and arthritis.

Della turned her health around and cured her ailments simply by switching to a raw vegan diet. In a 2017 interview she told the Daily Mail that she lost 42 pounds, cured her angina and arthritis, and transformed her body to feel like she was in her twenties again. She said:

“Doing the raw vegan diet has made me feel alive and healthy again. I may be 61 years old but I feel like someone in their twenties.”

Before changing her diet Della Upshire was clinically overweight and suffered from heart disease and arthritis.

Before changing her diet Della was taking seven prescription medications ever day. She was clinically overweight at 5 foot 3 inches tall and 147 pounds. Before changing her lifestyle, her diet consisted of processed meat, breads, and sugar. She says there were multiple times she was rushed to the hospital because of her high blood pressure and chest pains. Her arthritis made her too weak to carry groceries and her poor health forced her to retire early. She says,

“‘I used to always think about my funeral because I was so ill all the time.”

When her stepdaughter had a major heart attack, Della says it forced her to examine her own poor health habits and to take charge. She began researching how diets affect health, weight, and the heart and decided to switch to a raw vegan diet. In the first two months she was able to stop taking all her medications and was already noticing big changes in her body. She said,

“I decided to give the plant-based lifestyle a go. Within eight weeks I was feeling alive again and I stopped struggling with my previous symptoms.”

Della says the pounds began to slip away almost immediately and her body transformed into the lean body of someone decades younger. She lost 38 pounds, bringing her down to a healthy 109 pounds for her petite body frame. Her new diet transformed her dreary outlook on life and she no longer worried all the time about death. She says,

” …now I feel like the world is my oyster. I don’t worry about getting older or dying. I love life now and I want others to feel the same.”

Della Upshire lost 38 pounds by switching to a raw vegan diet.

Della shares her story and are vegan lifestyle with others on her Facebook page Della’s Raw Food Journey. She told the Daily Mail she hopes that sharing her journey will inspire others to do better for themselves. She says,

“I would love people to realize how they can unlock their true potential by eating well. The raw, vegan diet has definitely worked for me. I no longer struggle with anything or have to depend on medication. It’s why I can run like a child again, why I can breathe properly, lift weights and feel like myself again.”

Della Upshire now has a trim healthy body and is free of heart disease.

Della was in her early sixties with nine grandchildren when she changed her diet, healed her ailments, and transformed her life because of it. She reminds people who may feel stuck in old habits that it’s never too late to change. She says,

“I want people to realize that they’re in control of their own bodies and it’s never too late to change your life. This diet works for any age!”

Follow Della on her Facebook page to see what she eats and to help inspire wellness for yourself and the ones you love.

Follow Della’s raw food journey on Facebook to keep up with Della.

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