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The Frugivore Diet is the natural human diet, the diet we are biologically suited for. This book shared the secret to effortlessly maintaining your ideal weight, healing chronic disease, and thriving every day simply by eating according to human biology. Discover the one simple rule you need to follow to eat in harmony with human nature and achieve the wellness you deserve. Included are 133 easy, nutritious, and delicious recipes that work with your physiology to give you more energy, protect you against today’s most common diseases, and help you maintain wellness throughout your life. Buy the paperback or ebook on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

New paperback titles are coming soon. Meanwhile, download my free ebooks and learn my secrets for thriving with nutrition that works in harmony with our human biology.


Your Natural Human Diet: Lose Weight And Feel Great By Eating According to Biology (2020) shares the one simple golden rule you need to follow to cure sickness, achieve your ideal weight, and feel great everyday, and some practical tips to get started. This book is the definitive guide to health-promoting nutrition. The natural human diet is hands down the best diet for weight loss and everyday wellness. The key to thriving through your natural human diet awaits you in this quick, easy, and inspiring read. Download the free ebook here.

Drink to Your Health (2020)  shares 33 heart-healthy, vegan, 100% whole plants recipes. Put nutrition in your cup with these tasty and simple beverages. Download the free ebook here.


The Frugivore Files is an investigation into the nature of the human diet that pieces together the work of centuries of leading scientists to answer the question—what’s good to eat? The fascinating case presents evidence from an array of scientific fields that together reveal the healthiest diet for longevity and vitality.