The Universal Cure

Did you know virtually all diseases known to humankind have already been cured. While big-pharma, the Medical American Medical Association, and the Cancer Industry don’t want you to know this, you have the power to cure yourself for free at home! Learn more at the Healing With Plants YouTube channel.
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The All Plant Diet

An understanding of human anatomy, biology, and disease builds a conclusive case that humans are biologically designed as frugivores to thrive on a diet of primarily plants including fresh fruits, leaves, seeds, and roots. This diet has been shown to cure obesity, diabetes, cancer, skin conditions, hpv, and numerous other ailments.
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Heal Yourself

Healing With Plants is here to support you in your self-healing. Sister Reya has 20 years experience researching and practicing holistic healthcare and healing. During this time she has maintained a plant-based diet and developed an in-depth understanding of human anatomy, energy, disease, and nutrition. Check our Q&A, online video resources, and blog for articles and tips on holistic healthcare, nutrition and disease, and a Whole Foods Plant Based diet.
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Healing the Whole You

A holistic health framework considers the whole you – what you eat, how you move, your sleep, relationships, work, energy, and emotions. The holistic healer recognizes that all of these elements of life are connected and together they are responsible for the quality of life we experience. We are each given one body, the sacred vessel for our soul to travel in this life. If you do not care for your temple how will you travel? The holistic health framework empowers you to steer your own health and healing through simple changes. In particular the foods we put in our bodies give us life affirming energy or poison our vessel. Nearly all major chronic diseases have already been cured and should never need to exist. Sister Reya practices an all plant vegan diet, raw foods, juices, periodic fasting, essential oils, yoga, everyday walking, and herbal medicines for thrivation. She has been dedicated to practicing holistic healthcare and healing at home for 17 years and has practiced a plant based diet for over 20 years. She is passionate about sharing her research and experiences with you and helping you connect with the info you need to heal yourself at home.

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Have you healed yourself with a Plant Based, Vegan, or Raw Food Diet? The world wants to hear about it! Submit your story for consideration to be included in a collection of testimonials from people healing a variety of ailments through diet changes. Help others heal by telling your story today.

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