Universal Cure – Plant Based Diet

A whole foods diet of all plants has been shown to cure nearly every ailment known to humankind. In combination with raw nutrient-dense foods, intermittent fasting, juices, and herbs, this diet is the universal cure. Below are just a few of the common ailments cured by dedication to an all-plant diet.

Cure Diabetes and Heart Disease Naturally

Diabetes and Heart Disease can be cured naturally, at home, without invasive medical procedures and expensive medications that make you more sick. It’s 100% plants and it’s almost that simple.

Lose Weight and Stay Slim

The effortless weight loss diet that will take you to your natural healthy weight and keep you there with no extra effort. It’s 100% plants and it’s almost that simple.

Cure Cancer Without Chemo

Cure Cancer naturally at home and make sure you stay cancer free. The cure for cancer has been known but the Cancer Industry would rather you did’t find out. It’s the Original Lifesaver Diet.

Cure Acne and Skin Conditions Naturally

Watch your acne and skin rashes disappear when you restore your body’s natural chemical balance.

Cure HPV and Sexually Transmitted Disease

HPV and other STDs can be cured simply and naturally at home with no invasive procedures and no stress.

Heal Yourself At Home

Are you ready to heal yourself at home and claim the life of wellness you deserve? Join the Healing With Plants network for FREE. Complete a 1 minute survey to let us know what health challenges you face and what your wellness goals are. Sister Reya will respond with a supportive letter of encouragement and, if you request, research and articles tailored to help you succeed. You will also be invited to join the Healing with Plants Facebook Group for mutual support from others healing through diet. Stay inspired with healthy all plant recipes to your inbox and to take part in a health revolution. All of this is FREE and based on an economic model of service and mutual care and support. If you are inspired to donate or blessed with financial abundance, Sister accepts donations to support her continued research, writing, and outreach. Together we’re Healing With Plants.


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