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5 Habits for Healthy Bones

Healthy Bones for Life Every day you make choices that could build strong healthy bones, or put your skeleton at risk of breaking down. Our osseous tissue is pretty remarkable stuff. The living tissue that makes up our bones is a dynamic system that is constantly breaking itself down and rebuilding itself. Our skeleton supports our body, protects our organs, allows movement thanks to the attached skeletal muscles, stores minerals and fat, and is the location where our blood is made. While genetic factors, age, and disease

Plant-Based Sources of Calcium

If you are thinking of giving up meat and dairy but wondering how you would survive without the calcium, or want to better communicate with your loved ones about plant based sources of calcium, this is for you. So Just What is Calcium? Calcium is a mineral that is essential to human life. Calcium helps us build and maintain bones, contract muscles, helps nerves communicate, and helps our blood clot when we have an injury. Every day we lose calcium through our sweat, urine, feces, hair, skin, and nails and we must replenish…

Diagnosed with Osteoporosis – What next?

Dear Healing With Plants, Please help- I am so confused because  I am trying to do all plant based lifestyle but I have osteoporosis & am being treated with Prolia. Doctors nutritionist are trying to insist on about 110-130 gms daily. How do I incorporate ?? I lift weights  & do cardio and thought I had healthy lifestyle but evidently asthma meds played part in osteo. 56 yr old active female -- ANY suggestions??? Dear So Confused, You’re not alone! Medical professionals tell us that osteoporosis affects nearly one in…