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The Medicinal Uses of Red Clover

Red Clover's Medicinal Benefits Red clover, the common plant that covers farmers fields, pops up along city sidewalks, populates parks, and adorns roadsides, has long been treasured for its traditional medicinal uses. Red clover (Trifolium pratense) is a sweet, salty, and cooling herb that belongs to the legume (or pea) family and is known as a nutritional powerhouse and gentle plant medicine aid. As a nutrituve, red clover is rich in minerals such as calcium and contains phytoestrogens that support healthy hormones,

The Medicinal Uses of Rose

https://healingwithplants.us/topic/nutrition/ “A rose, bent by the wind and pricked by thorns, yet has its heart turned upwards” Huna of Babylon Our Human Ancestors Knew the Medicinal Uses of Rose Rose (Rosaceae) is sometimes called the King of Flowers for its prized position in many human cultures. It's reputation as a true beauty precedes this flowering plant, but did you know that every part of rose also has special medicinal uses? Rose has a long history in natural medicine including an important place in Chinese and…