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Study Finds Strawberries Stop Cancer in Its Tracks

Researchers find that a “high dose” of strawberries can help beat esophageal cancer. Eating More Fruit May Protect You From Cancer Fruits and vegetables have been gaining increasing attention among cancer researchers for their cancer-preventative and cancer-fighting abilities (Donaldson, 2004; Ornish, 2005). Numerous studies have now honed in on berries, in particular, for their especially high level of antioxidants and phytonutrients that have been shown to prevent cancer formation, interfere with cancer cell

Thomas Larson Healed Heart Disease with a Vegan Diet

Thomas Larson had suffered three heart attacks before he switched to a vegan diet and healed heart disease. Thomas Larson switched to a plant-based diet and healed heart disease. Thomas, an author, staff writer for the San Diego Reader, and college writing professor, thought he had already found the key to being a "right" eater when he switched to a vegetarian diet decades before his battle with heart disease arose. When he suffered his first heart attack and was saved by an angioplasty, three stents, and statin drugs.

Risk Factors for Heart Disease & What You Can Do About It

Heart disease risk is, thankfully, something that is largely within your control. The Leading Killer of Americans Is... Heart Disease, aka cardiovascular disease, is the leading cause of death in the United States; so what puts you at risk? Every year more than 600,000 Americans die of heart disease, that’s one out of every four deaths in the country (CDC, 2020). Heart disease refers to several types of heart conditions, the most common being coronary artery disease which can cause a heart attack. High blood pressure

New 28-Day Wellness & Weight Loss Challenge

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RECIPE: Seven Greens Salad

If you are looking for a nutritious green recipe for St. Patrick's Day (or any day) look no further! Seven Greens Salad is a nutrient dense 100% plants salad that is delicious any day of the year. This salad celebrates one beautiful color - green - which is one of the most notoriously nutritious colors in the food rainbow. The Protective Power of Green Plants Green foods are known to be some of the most nutrient dense foods known to Man. Green plants in general pack a whopping dose of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients -…

RECIPE: Red Lentil Coconut Curry

Red Lentil Coconut Curry soup is a delicious and nutritious 100% whole plants recipe that is one of my personal favorite meals. My daughter and son also adore this thick and creamy stew of root vegetables. This recipe makes a big pot in case you have a big family or so that you can enjoy plenty of leftover meals. This recipe is: Whole foods plant-basedOne-pot mealVeganDairy-free/lactose-freeGluten-freeLow-fatNutrient-denseKid-friendly foodBudget-friendlyAn excellent part of a pure healing diet A 100% Whole

The Medicinal Uses of Bananas

Every part of a banana plant has multiple medicinal and nutritional uses.  For thousands of years people have been cultivating bananas and using their medicine. Most modern medicines have their origins in nature's plant pharmacy. Why not skip the unnecessary artificial chemicals and pricey prescriptions and go straight to the source. While most known for its sweet and creamy fruits, there's so much more to love about the amazing banana! This article will introduce you to numerous simple ways you can use all the parts of a…

RECIPE: Seven Trees Fruit Salad

Trees give us so much: clean air, clean groundwater, shade, rain, temperature regulation, wood for our buildings and fires, and fruit salads for our bellies. Fruit isn't the only tree part that is delectable and nutritious. Often tree seeds, also known as "nuts", and sometimes the bark and sap of trees are also edible and a healthful part of a whole food plant-based diet. Here I'm sharing a recipe that is made from 100% trees. Seven Trees Fruit Salad is a delicious way to enjoy nutrient-rich, fiber-full, hydrating tree…

RECIPE: Mango Smoothie

Mango smoothie is one of our favorite ways to start the day. I love making smoothies because they are easy to make, delicious, and nutritious and there are so many flavor combinations. This simple smoothie recipe has just three ingredients: frozen bananas, frozen mangoes, and almond milk. Any type of sweet ripe mango will work for a smoothie. Simply dice the yellow-orange flesh into cubes and freeze hours before blending if you would like an ice-cold creamy drink. Some people prefer their drinks at room temperature and make…

10 Health Benefits of Bananas Backed by Science

Bananas are a fruit prized for their health benefits. The creamy fruits are a staple food in our house because they are delicious, versatile, and one of the most affordable sources of nutrition at the market. Here are the top ten evidence-based health benefits of bananas that will have you reaching for more of the sweet and creamy fruits. 1. Bananas Are A Perfect Package of Energy Bananas are an amazing nutrient-rich source of healthy energy, pure hydration, plant fiber, and nutrients. They also come in a perfect package…