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Lose Weight by Eating More

Can I really lose weight by eating more? What if you could lose weight by eating more? For many dieters, losing weight equals eating less: smaller portions, fewer meals, and less good food. But is this strategy actually effective at producing lasting weight-loss results? While calorie restriction can certainly lead to short term weight loss and health benefits, it rarely is a strategy that can be maintained for the long haul. Most people that try this approach end up eventually gaining the weight back and many gain even

Dr. Kerry Graff’s Weight Loss Secret: How She Healed Prediabetes, Depression, and More With This Diet Switch

Dr. Kerry Graff, MD had an epiphany that not only changed the way she practiced medicine and what she prescribed her patients, but it saved her own health too. Based in Canandaigua, NY, Dr. Graff is an accomplished physician with her own private practice. She earned a biology degree from Cornell University in 1990 and completed medical training at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in 1994. After completing a three-year Family Practice Residency at UPMC Shadyside in Pittsburgh, PA she relocated to Canandaigua,

Grandmother of Nine Transforms Her Body, Heals Heart Disease with Raw Vegan Diet

Della Upshire is an inspirational grandmother of nine who changed her diet, healed her heart disease and arthritis, and transformed her body into a picture of youthful health. Before making the lifestyle changes that healed her body, Della suffered from multiple ailments that all had a common cause - years of eating the wrong sorts of foods. In 2002 Upshire underwent bypass surgery for her heart disease but it didn't heal her heart. After the surgery she was still overweight and suffered high blood pressure, angina, and

A Disease-Destined Mindset Almost Took His Life

Chris Carlton's Weight Loss and Journey to Wellness With A Raw Vegan Diet Today Chris Carlton is a posterman for healthy eating, but he had grown up believing he was destined for disease. In his first-hand account of his journey to wellness Chris says he grew up in a family where sickness was the norm. His father’s side of the family were mostly all overweight with a history of serious illness. His grandmother was known affectionately as “Big Mama.” According to Chris, “Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease and Obesity were just…

The “Milk is Essential for Calcium” Myth

The dairy industry has spent mountains of money to convince us that "milk does a body good." Their main selling point: milk gives your body the calcium it needs. The message the dairy industry has sent is that no other food quite compares to the unique ability of cow milk to give humans this essential nutrient. The “Humans Need Cow Milk” Deception Any internet search for “Calcium” will reflect just how entrenched this myth is as almost all articles begin with describing dairy products as the main source of calcium. It is…

Young Mother Lost 300 pounds Naturally on a Vegan Diet – Kitten Barbossa’s Story

Kitten Barbosa had "hit rock bottom" in 2011. She had been in an abusive relationship and as her self-esteem plummeted, her weight had skyrocketed leaving her unable to walk without crutches and unable to drive because of her size. "I didn’t have a scale that went high enough to weigh myself and didn’t want to, but I’m pretty sure I weighed over 500 pounds at my heaviest." Kitten admits to being a cheese and dairy addict and that she ate lots of processed food, bacon, turkey, fast food, Dr. Pepper, and coffee.  She was just…

Man Lost Half His Body Weight, Naturally, on a Vegan Diet

Benji Kurtz says that on Memorial Day weekend in 2013 the answer to his "lifelong quest for good health" found him. At the time he weighed 258 pounds and was determined to lose the weight. According to Benji's first person account: "At that point in time, my weight had ballooned up as it normally did in the Spring. I’d pack the pounds onto my 5’5″ frame, up to between 250 and 265 (my all time high was 278), then I’d “low-carb” it for several months, and exercise, get down to around 220 or 230 in the Fall, and then repeat the…