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Mint Smoothie Recipe (WFPB, Vegan)

This mint smoothie recipe is cool, creamy, nutritious, and delicious. Cool mint and creamy banana make a perfect pair in this refreshing drink. Why This Mint Smoothie Recipe is Magnificent! Mint Smoothie is a regular feature in our plant-based household. There's so much to love about this delicious drink! This Mint Smoothie recipe is: Just 3 ingredientsDairy-free100% whole-food, plant-basedVeganProcessed sugar-freeCoolingSweetDeliciousNourishingSatisfyingSuper simple to make Fresh Mint Is The Magic Ingredient

Lose Weight by Eating More

Can I really lose weight by eating more? What if you could lose weight by eating more? For many dieters, losing weight equals eating less: smaller portions, fewer meals, and less good food. But is this strategy actually effective at producing lasting weight-loss results? While calorie restriction can certainly lead to short term weight loss and health benefits, it rarely is a strategy that can be maintained for the long haul. Most people that try this approach end up eventually gaining the weight back and many gain even

What Are Some Nut-Free Milk Alternatives?

If you or your child has been diagnosed with a nut allergy, you may be looking for some good nut-free milk alternatives. In this article we'll discuss how to navigate a plant-based diet with a nut allergy. Allergic to Tree Nuts, Looking for Nut-free Milk Alternatives Dear Healing With Plants, "My daughter has a tree nut allergy (I honestly think it's only cashews, maybe pistachios since they're closely related, but she hasn't had those) so we were advised to avoid all nuts at this point. Maybe because she's only 2? What

RECIPE: Blueberry Nice-Cream (WFPB, Vegan)

Blueberry Nice-Cream: A Sweet 100% Plants Delight Blueberry Nice-Cream is an easy whole-food, plant-based recipe that makes a nutritious breakfast or delightful dessert. Nice-Cream is Nutritious, Delicious, & Nice to Your Body There are so many reasons to rave about this recipe for Blueberry Nice-Cream. To name a few: It's just 3 ingredients, can't get much simpler than that!This recipe is dairy-free so you can avoid the health dangers of dairy.Blueberries contain phytonutrients that are good for your

Does Heart Disease Run in the Family?

Just Wondering: Am I Destined for Heart Disease? When I was growing up I saw my grandfather and other family members suffering from heart disease and I wondered: does heart disease run in the family? My mother told me it did. High blood pressure, stroke, heart attacks---all symptoms of heart disease---ran in my family, according to mom. In her defense this had been the prevailing wisdom. Anyone who has visited a doctors office will have filled out the lengthy bundle of paperwork before their visit that asks them this very

10 Simple Ways to Eat Watermelon

Here, illustrated with our family photos, are our top 10 favorite ways to eat or drink watermelon. Watermelon is a wonderfully delicious fruit that is full of energy, nutrients, and hydrating water. Summer may be ending soon, but I am still finding watermelons on sale and so wanted to share some of my family's favorite ways to enjoy this fruit while its still in season. 10 Ways to Eat Watermelon Simply Sliced: It's too simple not to include in our list. Our number one most favorite way is simply to slice the watermelon

RECIPE: Irish Garden Stew (100% Plants, Vegan, WFPB)

Traditional Irish roots and herbs combine in this recipe for a tasty and nutritious 100% plants, vegan soup. When I developed this recipe I was looking to make a dinner that would help connect my family and I to our Irish heritage. Irish Stew is Ireland's official National Dish and is at the front of most every list of traditional Irish fare. While traditional Irish Stew is known to contain older sheep, this recipe places the Irish garden's bounty as the centerpiece. Potatoes, carrots, rutabaga, parsnip, onion, barley, and

The Medicinal Uses of Bananas

Every part of a banana plant has multiple medicinal and nutritional uses.  For thousands of years people have been cultivating bananas and using their medicine. Most modern medicines have their origins in nature's plant pharmacy. Why not skip the unnecessary artificial chemicals and pricey prescriptions and go straight to the source. While most known for its sweet and creamy fruits, there's so much more to love about the amazing banana! This article will introduce you to numerous simple ways you can use all the parts of a…

10 Health Benefits of Bananas Backed by Science

Bananas are a fruit prized for their health benefits. The creamy fruits are a staple food in our house because they are delicious, versatile, and one of the most affordable sources of nutrition at the market. Here are the top ten evidence-based health benefits of bananas that will have you reaching for more of the sweet and creamy fruits. 1. Bananas Are A Perfect Package of Energy Bananas are an amazing nutrient-rich source of healthy energy, pure hydration, plant fiber, and nutrients. They also come in a perfect package…

Plant-Based Protein is Easy to Find

Plant-based protein is easy to find! If you are concerned about how to get enough protein in your diet, you're not alone. Americans have been obsessed with protein after being bombarded with messages that protein is hard to find. Decades of marketing by the meat and dairy industries have ingrained the idea that meat and milk are "protein" foods, while failing to mention that fruits, vegetables, and other plant foods contain protein too! To help ease your nutrition worries, here's some simple charts that show common…