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The “Milk is Essential for Calcium” Myth

The dairy industry has spent mountains of money to convince us that "milk does a body good." Their main selling point: milk gives your body the calcium it needs. The message the dairy industry has sent is that no other food quite compares to the unique ability of cow milk to give humans this essential nutrient. The “Humans Need Cow Milk” Deception Any internet search for “Calcium” will reflect just how entrenched this myth is as almost all articles begin with describing dairy products as the main source of calcium. It is…

The Fail-Proof Cure for Heart Disease

Heart Disease is the single biggest killer of both men and women today. Growing up as a child in the 80s, in my Kentucky family, Heart Disease was taken to be a norm of growing old. I remember growing up thinking that that's just what happened to people once they got to be in their forties or fifties, because when I looked at the relatives in my family and friends of my family, this is what I saw happening. Many years later now I have a much evolved and enlightened perspective on human health and Heart Disease in particular.…