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Thomas Larson Healed Heart Disease with a Vegan Diet

Thomas Larson had suffered three heart attacks before he switched to a vegan diet and healed heart disease. Thomas Larson switched to a plant-based diet and healed heart disease. Thomas, an author, staff writer for the San Diego Reader, and college writing professor, thought he had already found the key to being a "right" eater when he switched to a vegetarian diet decades before his battle with heart disease arose. When he suffered his first heart attack and was saved by an angioplasty, three stents, and statin drugs.

Gorillas With Heart Disease Healed By Eating More Plants

The heart-healing testimonies of two zoo-dwelling gorillas offer perspective about the easy natural cure for heart disease. In 2008 two Western lowland gorillas, Mokolo and Bebec, were in captivity at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and didn’t seem to be doing well. Bebac was 24 years old and Mokolo was 21—both still young considering gorillas can live up to 60 years in captivity. Despite their youth though both males were overweight and were displaying behaviors not typical of gorillas in the wild. The two had developed a…