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Robin Quivers Says Her Vegan Diet Was Key to Beating Cancer

Robin Quivers Credits Vegan Diet for Cancer Recovery Before coming out as a health warrior who beat stage 3C endometrial cancer, Robin Quivers was most known for her role as the beloved sidekick to radio personality Howard Stern. Robin had been faithfully by Howard's side for 31 years but in May of 2012 she had a health-scare that forced her to refocus her priorities. She became focused on healing in private, working from home until, in September of 2013, a caller to the The Howard Stern show asked when Robin would be

Healing Autoimmune Diseases With Plant Based Diet

Dear Healing With Plants, I'm interested in the plant based diet. I have this bad autoimmune disease at the moment. It's called Ankylosing Spondylitis. Right now they can only treat the end result with tnf alpha blockers. I am interested if there's a way to stop these cells overproducing in the first place so they don't attack healthy joints and surrounding tissue. Sincerely, Ready to Heal Dear Ready to Heal, My heart goes out to you. Every day our bodies protect us from foreign invadors including bacteria and viruses. But…

Plant-Based Sources of Calcium

If you are thinking of giving up meat and dairy but wondering how you would survive without the calcium, or want to better communicate with your loved ones about plant based sources of calcium, this is for you. So Just What is Calcium? Calcium is a mineral that is essential to human life. Calcium helps us build and maintain bones, contract muscles, helps nerves communicate, and helps our blood clot when we have an injury. Every day we lose calcium through our sweat, urine, feces, hair, skin, and nails and we must replenish…

Man Lost Half His Body Weight, Naturally, on a Vegan Diet

Benji Kurtz says that on Memorial Day weekend in 2013 the answer to his "lifelong quest for good health" found him. At the time he weighed 258 pounds and was determined to lose the weight. According to Benji's first person account: "At that point in time, my weight had ballooned up as it normally did in the Spring. I’d pack the pounds onto my 5’5″ frame, up to between 250 and 265 (my all time high was 278), then I’d “low-carb” it for several months, and exercise, get down to around 220 or 230 in the Fall, and then repeat the…