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Thomas Larson Healed Heart Disease with a Vegan Diet

Thomas Larson had suffered three heart attacks before he switched to a vegan diet and healed heart disease. Thomas Larson switched to a plant-based diet and healed heart disease. Thomas, an author, staff writer for the San Diego Reader, and college writing professor, thought he had already found the key to being a "right" eater when he switched to a vegetarian diet decades before his battle with heart disease arose. When he suffered his first heart attack and was saved by an angioplasty, three stents, and statin drugs.

Ken Stone Passed on Bypass Surgery and Healed His Heart With Plants

Ken Stone Passed on Bypass Surgery and Healed His Heart With Plants Ken Stone had shown no signs of heart disease before his heart attack at age 53. ¬†Stone, vice president of a large Dallas, TX-based concrete construction company, was on a camping and fishing trip with his son when the heart attack occurred and after driving to one hospital and being flown by helicopter to another, doctors put three stents in his arteries in an effort to save his life. He was told he needed quadruple bypass surgery as soon as possible.…

Anthony Yen Abandoned the Standard American Diet to Save His Heart

When Anthony Yen was diagnosed with Heart Disease, he went back to the diet of his Chinese parents to save his heart. Yen came to the United States in 1949 and began to eat the way Americans eat. Yen was a businessman who owned several oversees manufacturing plants and he ate a diet typical of other businessmen. Yen enjoyed fatty foods like fried chicken, pork chops, roast beef, and chocolate mouse. The fat-rich diet caught up to him in his 50s when he experienced chest tightening and unusual sweating while dancing with his…