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Does Eating Oranges and Taking Vitamin C Have the Same Health Benefits?

Vitamin C Supplements VS. Orange Juice Vitamin C supplements do not provide the same health benefits as drinking orange juice, according to science. Vitamin C is widely recognized as one of the most important essential nutrients for human health. This has led to a booming supplement industry that packages the isolated nutrient into fizzy powders, pills, tablets, and chewable gummies. But many have wondered if these supplements are just as good for you as getting vitamin C from natural whole food sources. Oranges vs.

Why Gold Rush Oranges Were Priced Like Gold

The only thing more precious than gold during the California Gold Rush was citrus. While most Americans are aware of the Gold Rush's important place in the history of the West, many are unaware of the Second Gold Rush, which was equally important in shaping the fate of California. The Biggest Event in California's History First, the background: In January 1948 gold was discovered in Sutter's Mill---outside of San Francisco, CA---by a man named James W. Marshall. Despite early efforts the discovery wasn't kept secret