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Does Heart Disease Run in the Family?

Just Wondering: Am I Destined for Heart Disease? When I was growing up I saw my grandfather and other family members suffering from heart disease and I wondered: does heart disease run in the family? My mother told me it did. High blood pressure, stroke, heart attacks---all symptoms of heart disease---ran in my family, according to mom. In her defense this had been the prevailing wisdom. Anyone who has visited a doctors office will have filled out the lengthy bundle of paperwork before their visit that asks them this very

After Being Told to Go Home and Die, She Lived Another 40 Years

After Being Told to Go Home and Die, She Lived Another 40 Years An angioplasty and triple bypass surgery had failed to heal Evelyn Oswick's troubled heart. Oswick suffered two heart attacks in her fifties and when her heart disease returned after her multiple operations, her doctor told her there was nothing more he could do for her and that she should “go home and wait to die.” Oswick was in the hospital room after her heart surgery when Dr. Esselstyn stopped by to suggest she would be a good candidate for his experiment…