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After Being Told to Go Home and Die, She Lived Another 40 Years

After Being Told to Go Home and Die, She Lived Another 40 Years

An angioplasty and triple bypass surgery had failed to heal Evelyn Oswick’s troubled heart. Oswick suffered two heart attacks in her fifties and when her heart disease returned after her multiple operations, her doctor told her there was nothing more he could do for her and that she should “go home and wait to die.”
Photo courtesy of Dr. Esselsytyn’s Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Program (http://www.dresselstyn.com)
Oswick was in the hospital room after her heart surgery when Dr. Esselstyn stopped by to suggest she would be a good candidate for his experiment treating heart disease with diet. But when Dr. Esselstyn explained that she’d have to give up most high-fat foods Oswick replied,

“No way!”

Oswick later changed her mind saying,

“I realized I wasn’t ready to die.”

After discussing the diet plan with her husband Oswick joined Dr. Esselstyn’s study which meant giving up the  chocolate donuts, ice cream and beef livers she reportedly loved.
Dr. Esselstyn told Owsick she was the last person he expected to change her mind, but she proved him wrong sticking with the program for 21 years by the time he shared her story with the world. Dr. Esselstyn shared her success story on his site writing that Evelyn has not looked back from her plant-based diet and that she’s continued to lead a busy and productive life. He wrote,

“When she isn’t teaching public speaking and interpersonal skills at a university, she instructs business executives etiquette and speech making, and is even considering going to law school.”

Oswick later appeared and shared her story in the influential film Forks Over Knives before passing away at age 90. Forks Over Knives producer Brian Wendel published a In Memoriam to Oswick where he wrote:

“I feel fortunate to have met Evelyn during filming, and I found her kind, sweet, and gracious…I remember when I saw Evelyn on film for the first time. The footage brought me to tears because she reminded me of my grandmother and the grim prognosis she received for colon cancer. I only wish my grandmother had found the better path as Evelyn had. Thanks to Evelyn’s willingness to share her story, hundreds of thousands—if not millions—of people around the world will take the steps to avoid a life made tragically difficult or cut short by chronic disease.”

Evelyn Oswick extended her life by an extra 30+ healthy years by making a simple change in her diet. Simply by eating a diet of whole plant foods, she not only healed her heart, she gave herself more than three additional decades with her loved ones.

A whole foods plant-based diet was key to healing Evelyn Oswick’s heart disease and extending her life another thirty+ years.
Oswick’s legacy lives on in the people she inspires with her powerful story of healing. Today millions of men and women who hear her story, and others like it, are becoming inspired to make a change in their life that keeps them with their sons, daughters, grandchildren, husbands, and wives a little longer

Watch Evelyn give her testimony of healing with a whole foods plant-based diet:

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