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Lose Weight by Eating More

Can I really lose weight by eating more? What if you could lose weight by eating more? For many dieters, losing weight equals eating less: smaller portions, fewer meals, and less good food. But is this strategy actually effective at producing lasting weight-loss results? While calorie restriction can certainly lead to short term weight loss and health benefits, it rarely is a strategy that can be maintained for the long haul. Most people that try this approach end up eventually gaining the weight back and many gain even

Vitamin C for the Common Cold

The Vitamin C Debate Is vitamin C effective at preventing a cold or other virus? Does eating foods high in vitamin C or taking C supplements reduce the duration or severity of sickness? The effect of vitamin C on the common cold has been a subject of debate for more than 70 years with numerous studies attempting to tease out a cause and effect relationship (Hemila, 2013). While the idea that vitamin C is effective against colds and other viruses predates Dr. Linus Pauling, he was most certainly influential in drawing a

Eat Plants, Breathe Better

Why a Plant-Based Diet is Optimal for Respiratory Health Trouble Breathing? Nutrition Can Help Your diet may influence the health of your respiratory system more than you realize. While breathing and eating may seem like two quite separate phenomenon regulated by two separate body systems, the two essential actions required for human life are in fact quite intertwined. If you have trouble breathing, are a current or former smoker, are diagnosed with asthma, or have other respiratory issues, improving your nutrition may

New 28-Day Wellness & Weight Loss Challenge

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5 Habits for Healthy Bones

Healthy Bones for Life Every day you make choices that could build strong healthy bones, or put your skeleton at risk of breaking down. Our osseous tissue is pretty remarkable stuff. The living tissue that makes up our bones is a dynamic system that is constantly breaking itself down and rebuilding itself. Our skeleton supports our body, protects our organs, allows movement thanks to the attached skeletal muscles, stores minerals and fat, and is the location where our blood is made. While genetic factors, age, and disease

Dr. Kerry Graff’s Weight Loss Secret: How She Healed Prediabetes, Depression, and More With This Diet Switch

Dr. Kerry Graff, MD had an epiphany that not only changed the way she practiced medicine and what she prescribed her patients, but it saved her own health too. Based in Canandaigua, NY, Dr. Graff is an accomplished physician with her own private practice. She earned a biology degree from Cornell University in 1990 and completed medical training at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in 1994. After completing a three-year Family Practice Residency at UPMC Shadyside in Pittsburgh, PA she relocated to Canandaigua,

The Health Benefits of Celery

Dear Healing With Plants, I'm curious about what you think about celery juicing? I did it last year for awhile and honestly felt great, but I would like to know if it has any health value, if there are any dangers, and if you should do it daily, weekly...? Thanks! -- Curious About Celery Juice Health Benefits of Celery and Celery Juice Celery and celery juice has been the center of attention for many health-seekers lately, but what does science say about the real health benefits of celery? The internet and social media

RECIPE: Cancer Fighting Salad

A Cancer Fighting Salad a Day Kicks Cancer Far Far Away If you or someone you know is battling cancer, you may want to make this recipe for Cancer-Fighting Salad your new daily dinner (or lunch). This easy recipe contains the top foods that have been scientifically shown to protect against cancer, stopping cancer growth in its tracks and reversing its progress. Combined with the easy-to make sweet and spicy Superfood Sauce salad dressing, the Cancer-Fighting Salad recipe I'm sharing here may just be the natural medicine

Heal Colon Cancer With Diet

Science Says a Healthy Diet Can Heal Colon Cancer Science says you can heal colon cancer with diet and a healthy lifestyle. The average person today has a 1 in 20 chance of developing colorectal cancer. The good news is that this cancer is among the most treatable of cancers and science shows it can be prevented and healed by eating well, maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding alcohol, and being physically active. Big Poops Protect Against Colon Cancer What does poop size have to do with colon cancer and diet? Well,

Study Says: What You Eat Matters to Survive the Coronavirus

Diet-Related Diseases Put You Most At Risk A brand new study out of Italy suggests that what you eat may be the most important factor to help you survive the coronavirus. The study looked at 18% of deaths attributed to the coronavirus in Italy and found that nearly all---99.2%---of those who died had other serious health issues. Half of those who died had 3 or more preexisting illnesses. Most of those who died had heart disease, and more than 1/3 of those who died had diabetes. Both heart disease and diabetes are

Does Heart Disease Run in the Family?

Just Wondering: Am I Destined for Heart Disease? When I was growing up I saw my grandfather and other family members suffering from heart disease and I wondered: does heart disease run in the family? My mother told me it did. High blood pressure, stroke, heart attacks---all symptoms of heart disease---ran in my family, according to mom. In her defense this had been the prevailing wisdom. Anyone who has visited a doctors office will have filled out the lengthy bundle of paperwork before their visit that asks them this very