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10 Simple Ways to Eat Watermelon

Here, illustrated with our family photos, are our top 10 favorite ways to eat or drink watermelon. Watermelon is a wonderfully delicious fruit that is full of energy, nutrients, and hydrating water. Summer may be ending soon, but I am still finding watermelons on sale and so wanted to share some of my family’s favorite ways to enjoy this fruit while its still in season.

10 Ways to Eat Watermelon

  1. Simply Sliced: It’s too simple not to include in our list. Our number one most favorite way is simply to slice the watermelon in half and then to cut half-circle slices about an inch thick. Bite right in like my son Axel did here when he was still a toddler. Enjoy!
Ways to Eat Watermelon slice
My son Axel has enjoyed watermelon in many ways since he was a baby. Here we are in the San Francisco apartment where we was born in 2008.

2. Watermelon Fruit Basket: This is a slightly more fancy way to delight in this sweet summer melon. It takes care to carve the melon into a basket, but this definitely can take your fruit salad to next level fancy if you are bringing it to a party or as a gift for a friend.

Ways to Eat Watermelon Fruit Basket
Watermelon fruit basket makes a nice gift or potluck dish. This one I made for a new mama who’d just had a baby.

3. Watermelon Icee: This frozen sweet treat has one simple and nutritious ingredient – frozen watermelon! I usually make this with my watermelon scraps. If you are using a melon baller to scoop balls for a fruit salad you will no doubt have “scrap” parts that remain and are not able to make a nice shaped ball. Use a spoon to scrape all the leftovers into a plastic bowl or tupperware and freeze overnight. Remove of the freezer a few minutes before blending to allow the fruit to defrost slightly. Add a small amount of water if needed or just blend with the watermelon alone. This makes a delicious and perfectly sweet cold summer treat.

Ways to Eat Watermelon Icee
Watermelon Icee is a healthy treat my kids look forward to.

4. On a Fruit Platter: Why not show off the beauty of watermelon with a few other fruits on a platter fit for a queen, or king. Fruit platters are easy and fun to make and to eat. The combinations are endless—have fun creating a beautiful plate for your family, guests, or just for yourself.

Ways to Eat Watermelon: fruit platter
Fruit platters make a healthy breakfast, after school snack plate, or family desert plate for sharing.

5. Enjoy it Yellow: Watermelon comes in more shades than red now. We have enjoyed trying yellow watermelons the last couple years and someone recently told me they had just sliced into an orange watermelon.

Ways to Eat Watermelon: yellow
Yellow watermelon is just as sweet, hydrating, and nutritious.

6. On a Stick: What would a fruit kabob be without watermelon? I wouldn’t know as watermelon is always my first go-to for this dish. Fruit on a stick makes eating healthy even more fun for kids and adults alike. Add a touch of fancy to your next party or potluck with fruit kabobs.

Fruit on a stick makes eating healthy more fancy and more fun for kids and adults alike.

7. Drink It Straight: Watermelon juice is delicious. My daughter Ayla enjoys drinking the leftover juice in the photo below. Many people use watermelon pulp to create watermelon juice or beverages using a blender. A nutlike bag could be used to strain out some pulp or drink the pulp too for the beneficial dietary fiber. Use a strainer to strain out any seeds and keep the pulp.

Ayla drinks the rest of the juice, why let any go to waste?

8. Triangle Slices to Share: Triangular slices of juicy watermelon make an easy-to-eat snack or party dish. A watermelon platter is perfect for sharing at summer picnics, potlucks, and pool parties.

Watermelon triangles on a platter for sharing is headed to a summer pool party.

9. Mini Watermelon Bowl: It’s fun to make personalized fruit salad bowls from mini watermelons. Simply slice the mini watermelon in half and scoop out the insides with a melon baller. Add other fruits to the watermelon balls in a big bowl to combine. Then scoop some fruit salad back into the empty watermelon bowls. Voila! You have a sweet dish to share with someone special.

Ayla and Axel love when I make them mini watermelon bowls.
Fill your watermelon bowl with any combination of fresh fruit you like. For this one I chose all red fruits.

10. Dig In With a Spoon: Sometimes the watermelon is so enticing you just can’t wait for it to be cut up and so you dig in with a spoon. A regular-sized watermelon is perfect for sharing with your brother or sister or a friend. It’s simply delicious anyway you slice or scoop it.

Why not just dig in with a spoon or two as Axel and Ayla demonstrate here. Sharing the same watermelon bowl is totally ok.

There’s so many more ways you can eat watermelon and enjoy all its nutritional benefits and tasty goodness. Let me know your favorite way to eat watermelon in the comments below. Enjoy!

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