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New 28-Day Wellness & Weight Loss Challenge

Sign up now for the new Love Yourself Well 28-Day Wellness & Weight Loss Challenge from Healing With Plants and receive your FREE copy of the Love Yourself Well 28-day Meal Plan Workbook.

So many of us would like to improve our health, overcome disease, and reach a higher level of wellness. What better time to set goals, start new habits, and create a plan to become the healthier version of you!

Everyday we make choices that affect our present and future health: how much energy we will have, whether or not we will be sick, whether we will feel good or not inside of our bodies.

Eat Great, Feel Great, Lose Weight, in 28!

That’s why I’ve been hard at work to create my newest offering: The Love Yourself Well 28 -Day Wellness and Weight Loss Challenge. While many people start their new years resolutions in January, I’m considering January a month to take inventory of where I’m at, set goals, and get a solid plan to put into action the rest of the year. I’m inviting you to do the same using this challenge which I will host for the month February. For 28 days, four weeks, one month, I invite you to give a 100% whole plants diet a try. 

Your Free Meal Plan Workbook Awaits!

To support your wellness and/or weight-loss journey, I’ve created a 28-day meal plan workbook with worksheets to guide you to create your own personalized health goals, assess your obstacles, choose strategies, and develop a plan. I provide plenty of guidance, inspiration, and resources, but invite you to either follow the recipes I provide or to craft your own following some basic guidleines. The workbook is there to support you through the 28 days with templates for planning your weekly meals and fitness activities. There’s also convenient checklists to make sure you are getting the proper nutrition, and space for you to record how you feel and what works and what doesn’t work for you. Also, included in this workbook is a simple before and after assessment tool to help you measure your progress and see what results from the diet and lifestyle changes you make.

The Love Yourself Well 28-Day Wellness and Weight-Loss Challenge Meal Plan Workbook, available for download free this January only!

I’ve put a lot of time into developing this resources and may not always be available as a free download, but for now I am sharing it with you for free, to help you make the best of 2021 and become a healthier version of you.

To get your free copy of the The Love Yourself Well 28 -Day Wellness and Weight Loss Challenge workbook, visit . Enter your name and email and then check your inbox for the link to your free workbook download. Make sure to check your Spam, Junk, or Promotions folder or search for my name “Reya” in your inbox.

​I’m here for you if you have questions or feedback about the challenge. Once you download the workbook, expect to hear from me again to offer support to before and during the 28-day challenge.

​Happy New Year, and cheers to a healthier version of you!


Reya Steele Andrews

Reya (Steele) Andrews is a holistic health writer, educator, and publisher at Healing With Plants. Reya is a certified Holistic Nutritionist (AFPA), is certified in Plant-based Nutrition, and teaches nutrition science and healthy food preparation. Find her book, The Frugivore Diet, on Amazon.

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